Back in the 1800’s, Providence Picture Frame was also a photographic portrait studio – using sunlight shining through the glass roof of the Arcade building to expose its prints. It just made sense to offer photography and custom framing under the same roof. In 2010, we reintroduced this model by investing in the best people, equipment and training available. We’ve come a long way since the 1800’s. Here’s some of what we can do for you:


  • Our Printing Equipment: Printing and ink/pigment technology is always improving, so we studying the industry and constantly introduce new technology to have the latest proven. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just need prints made from your phone, every print we make is produced on our archival giclée printers so they will stand the test of time.
  • Our Papers and other Substrates: Everything we print on is archival, and we pay attention to industry trends to ensure cutting-edge quality. Prints can be made on a variety of substrates. We regularly stock the following:
      -Archival Papers: Matte & Luster
      -Curated Exhibition Papers: Hahnemüle FineArt, Velvet Watercolor


  • If your files needs some work, we can help:
      -Conversion from color to black & white or sepia
      -Color Correction
      -Image Correction and Manipulation


  • Giclée production service for artists:
      -Bring in your work, and we’ll photograph it, color balance the file to your original work, then it can be digitally reproduced on the substrate of your choice.
  • Digitizing Negatives, Slides, Videos, and more!
      -Smaller photograph, slide and negative reproduction is all done in house.
      -For Larger and more complex jobs, we are Rhode Island’s EverPresent partner. EverPresent is a New England based company that specializes in helping you digitize, organize, and share your memories. We LOVE these folks because, like us, they go the extra mile to take care of their customers and their memories. Contact EverPresent to discuss your project, and then simply drop your work off at Providence Picture Frame, and pick it up here when it is ready. Easy.


  • If you’ve got a photograph that is faded, torn, creased, or otherwise not looking as good as it once was… we can help. Each item has its own challenges, but we can restore most items to their original glory (sometimes even better). Here’s how it works:
      -Bring in your photograph and we’ll talk with you about what we can do and give you a free estimate.
      -We’ll scan or photograph your original image to create a digital file, then we repair that file to its original glory.
      -You get your original photograph back, a print of the corrected photograph, and a digital file for you to share.