Some pictures are too personal for a wall and pre-fer to cozy right up next to the person they love, in the places where they live and work.

  • Selection: We have over 1000 creatively curated designs of ready made frames in sizes from 2”x2” to 11”x14” all made to sit on a desk, nightstand, or any other flat surface.
  • Style: From modern clean lines, to cute & cozy and everything in between, we have the perfect frame for you or your loved ones. If you want to something really specific, our custom framing department can make almost anything ‘table-top’ ready.
  • Pricing: Anywhere from $5-$99 for most frames.
  • While You Wait Service: If you’re in a hurry, or would just rather have our framers put your art into a ready made frame for you, we can usually do that while you wait.